The Least Wonderful Time Of The Year…

just some random musings as i mosey along in my fast…

…so i’m davening along in my kinot, fighting off inappropriately timed bouts of sleep, when i hear the chazzan do it.  a lot of chazzans do it.  a lot of the time.  without fail.

the i’m-so-broken-up-that-i’m-sobbing-through-prayer voice.

really guys?  you were good two seconds ago and just now the Ninth of Av [or insert Yom Kippur here] got you so choked up that you are actually sobbing?  a sobbing that will mysteriously clear itself up the second you finish saying the line?  now, i’m all for you actually being so overwhelmed by the feeling and spirituality of the day that you start crying for real [although, i must admit i’ve only witnessed that once, with full on tears on everything]. but honestly that fake crying like you’re a spoiled two year old?  and really, you do realize that you’re actually concentrating more on sounding like you’re sad than actually focusing on the meaning of the words, right? it annoys me and pulls me completely out of what kavanna i was building up.  and if i’m finding it annoying and i’m not even the One you’re actually talking to…well…just saying…


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