You Love Me, You Really Love Me…

well. it seems like “urban parsha” was a real hit with you ppl.  since i’ve gotten requests, i suppose i’ll keep it up for a bit [although i’m fairly sure the appeal will wear off after a while. but i do admit i’m a lil bit excited to do ha’azinu.]  anyhoo, let’s see how long/far i can take this.  here’s what the critics have been saying:

“Rotflmao! This is too funny! I’m going to the site now to read more!”  –tiffany, facebook user

“great parsha. loved the Big Lebowski reference!”  –seth, facebook user

“your blog post on the parsha= awesome.”  –chava, facebook user

“lmao RT @MaNishtana: urban vaetchanan. lol.”  –mythgene, random twitter person.

“you’re a fool!”  –prodezra, musician.

who’s prodezra, you ask?  why, he’s only the jewish timbaland.  [and if you’ve made it this far in my blogs but for some reason now have a visual image of a white timbaland, you have only yourself to blame]. his album “prodezrabeats” dropped june 17th.  check it out on i-tunes [] or at [ at (*for easy international purchases), & downloads at (visa, mastercard)]

need a sampler? check out the “change” music video ft y-love and describe:

and if you like that, then check out their second single, “make it”:

so ends the public service announcement.


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