sonia sotomayor this past week became the first hispanic supreme
court justice of the us.

yes. that what i said. sonia sotomayor is the first hispanic supreme court justice. not benjamin cardozo. because, my jews, im really tired of the thunder stealing.

hispanic: of or relating to the language, people, or culture of spain or spanish speaking latin america.

so speaks webster’s dictionary.

“the term ‘hispanic’ refers to persons who trace their origin or descent to mexico, puerto rico, cuba, central and south america, and other spanish cultures.”

such is the definition from the office of management and budget which is used by the us census.

benjamin cardozo? family from portugal. hard to be hispanic when you speak…portuguese.

so, i repeat, sonia sotomayor is the first hispanic supreme court justice. b/c she speaks spanish. but rest assured that it will never be disputed that benjamin cardozo is the first hisportuguese  supreme court justice.




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