sonia sotomayor this past week became the first hispanic supreme court justice of the us.

yes. that what i said.

sonia sotomayor is the first hispanic supreme court justice. not benjamin cardozo. because, my jews, im really tired of the thunder stealing.


hispanic: of or relating to the language, people, or culture of spain or spanish speaking latin america. so speaks webster’s dictionary.

“the term ‘hispanic‘ refers to persons who trace their origin or descent to mexico, puerto rico, cuba, central and south america, and other spanish cultures.” such is the definition from the office of management and budget which is used by the us census.

benjamin cardozo? family from portugal. hard to be hispanic when you speak…portuguese.

so, i repeat, sonia sotomayor is the first hispanic supreme court justice.  b/c she speaks spanish. but rest assured that it will never be disputed that benjamin cardozo is the first hisportuguese supreme court justice.


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2 thoughts on “Que?

  1. Hey! I discovered your blog from a facebook blurb from a friend. I am so glad to find it! I hear what you are saying about IR relationships, but what about a work in progress rather than a societal build up before the spreading out to other communities? Truthfully, many of us JOC didn’t even know there was so many out there to form a community. Even now I am not entirely sure how much of us are out there.

    The more I think about it, the more I don’t think building up a society and THEN IR would work. There are many societies that were doing okay for themselves (correct me if I”m wrong) such as Yemenites, Bucharians. ????? Sometimes I wonder, if someone is not Ashkenazi, it really doesn’t matter. For many, non-Ashkenazi-ness = a problem. No matter how wealthy.


    1. i feel as if we dont at least TRY to make it work we will always be seen as “the other” not as jews on equal standing with just as nuanced and meaningful traditions and customs as “regular” judaism. and i think banding together will help. sure many other jocs dont know there are other jocs out there, but do you think theyd rather run into ONE other random joc, or a joc who’s part of an entire COMMUNITY of other jocs? just food for thought.


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