Previously on “MaNishtana”…

well.  its been a week, hasnt it? full of discussions and disagreements and falling outs and such. to those of you who both here and outside of this blog understood what i was saying in “guess who’s coming to seder?” and its sister piece “this is the aftermath“, i truly thank you. im glad i could come across so many ppl who were on the same page with me and for the right reasons.

for those of you, commentors and others, who dont quite see eye-to-eye with me, i thank you as well. im not trying to make everyone think like me nor am i looking to accumulate a horde of yes-men. alternate viewpoints are always welcome and im glad [as well as pleasantly surprised] that we were able to carry on such a well thought out, respectful dialogue on the topic. i hope that despite our dissenting views on this topic you will all continue to visit this blog and give your input.

there will be a [sort of] revisiting of this topic in the near future, so i hope everyone is back for the ride. until then.


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