Why So Serious?

so recently ive gotten the question as to why my posts are so “black” or so “militant”. which baffles me. [and leads me to wonder if i were a white jewish dude talking about my tax dollars going to the poor, the merits of glen beck, and fondue, would i then equally be harangued with accusations of being so “white” or so “republican”? but anyhoo.] im not exactly sure when a general intolerance of stupidity or disrespect translated into being “militant”.  here, walk through this scenario with me: im sitting on a train and some white dude steps on my shoe, doesn’t apologize, then sits down next to me. if i say “so, hey…you’re just not gonna say anything there sunshine?”, im not being militant. im being annoyed that someone stepped on my foot. if i say “what? you think b/c you’re white you can just step on the black man the way your ancestors have been stepping on the necks of the black man and black woman and black children for four hundred years after taking us from our homelands and raping our cultures and forcing your religion on us?? what, you expected me to just shuffle my feet and say “thanks massa, can you steps on me again?” and then take my black ass to the back of the train, mr offay?”. if i say all that, then i’m being militant.

see the difference?

just b/c im bringing to light issues ppl may or may not be comfortable with or would rather be left to the shadows doesn’t mean im being militant. it means i have eyes and a mouth. i don’t give snarky answers to ur disingenuous questions b/c you’re white or b/c im black or due to any other combination of pro/anti/white/black/militant rationalizations. i give snarky answers b/c you belie a level of stupidity which requires an illegal [albeit humorous and cathartic] response of sudden physical backlash, however since society tends to frown upon such things i am obliged to convert these urges into horrible soul-crushing sarcasm.

anyhoo. like i was saying, i’m not militant. this guy is.


here endeth the lesson.


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2 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. Such an awesome observation, and very well put – I have the strong belief that a little sarcasm never hurt anyone. The problem is that stupid people rarely get the sarcasm unless it’s very blatant, which ruins half the fun of the sarcasm-game. Thanks to Aliza for leading me to this site!


  2. 🙂 I second M above. Sarcasm is just a persons way of saying, I care.

    I’ve been thinking about a lot of what you said lately and maybe its cowardice on my part but there really isn’t a good way for a white person to talk about race issues without sounding ignorant or self-righteous. I think a good deal of the problem steams from that, so a lot of people just want to push it aside and say “a jew is a jew”.

    Oh, and the youtube video you link to doesn’t work.


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