Urban Parsha Ki Tetze [deut 21:20-25:19]

urban parsha”.  it’s just like regular torah.  but ghetto.

when you roll up on some next dudes, lemme just put you on that they got some fly a$$  dimepieces. like on the wifey tip. now if y’all wanna bring one of them shorties back to the crib, they gots to respect the jew game too.  she gotta drop the weave from a hot minute and getting her nails did and get her mind right. if y’all can put up with all that ish and her looking type busted, then do you. if you got two baby mamas and one of them stay stressing you, dont be punking her lil man. if dude is firstborn, he firstborn, aight? now if your lil mans turn 13 and starts straight up violating like he a big man and ish, acting mad reckless on the corner drinking 40s and tricking with them hoes, and he clown you like you ain’t ish, then take him in front of popo and dead his a$$. dont be leaving no bodies posted up after dark, tho. that ish is disrespectful. them ammonite and moabite bustas aint about nothin. they tried to play y’all. show the edomites love, tho, cuz they fam, and the egyptains get respect cuz they housed you. but make sure y’all smoke them amalekite fools, cuz they aint got no home training.


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