Gestapo Correctness

so i decided id start the week off with a bang.

when did intraracial relationships become a crime? [incidentally, according to dictionary and “intraracial” isn’t a word]. the reverse racism reaction to the explicit anti-miscegenation
laws of the jim crow era seems to be the implicit “miscegenation
” of our generation. apparently freedom of choice is
never hard to abolish.

there’s the “dear abby”-like carolyn hax, who flat out declares a white girl who “prefers to date white guys” to be a racist. [check it out here]. um,
huh? when did having personal preferences start
translating into being racist? following this logic, are all gay
men misogynists because they prefer—in fact, only—date
men? are all lesbians now misandrists [thats someone who hates
men, kids] because they refuse to date anything other than a
woman? when did the fairly benign “i like to date tall guys
attitude explode into full-blown klan-itis when the statement is “i
like to date [insert own race here]”.

the once refreshing mist of political correctness seems to be curdling into an asphyxiating smog ofreverse-intolerance.

however, i am curious as to how this girl relayed her preference information to her friends. if it was “i don’t date black guys” then yes, carolyn hax was dead-on. chick’s a racist. but if it
actually was “i prefer to date white guys” then no, she
just has a preference. there’s a difference between “im for
x” and “im against y”. the outcomes might be the same,
but as my budding philosopher friend keeps drilling into my head, its
all about intent.

for example. if there was a bill being proposed that would ban abortion across the country, id vote against it. why? not because im particularly for abortion [i find its used far too
frivolously nowadays. like it’s a birth control pill or something] but
b/c im against any government having the power to tell someone
what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. but in the end i end
up voting against an abortion bill the same way as some
chick who is deathly afraid of condoms, birth control, and plan
b, but insists on using her hoop earrings as ankle holders every friday

see the difference? same deal with race and relationships.

just b/c “white guy a” doesn’t date indian women isn’t necessarily b/c he’s thinking “indian girls are [insert a ton of negative qualities here]”. it could just as easily be b/c he thinks “white
girls are cool”. although dont get me wrong, the first option is still
possible. racism kicks in when a person has a list of abstract
qualities desired in a partner which don’t inherently include a
need for an ethnic or cultural homogeneousness, yet they turn away a
potential partner from another race solely based on the other
 race and not their own personal preference.

for example, ive found attractive and been attracted to pretty much everything under the sun, some more or less than others. [btw, there is a difference between “finding attractive” and “being attracted
”. “finding attractive” means you just want each other’s
fun parts to meet each other. “being attracted to” means you can
see yourself in relationship with this person. in concurrence with
frequent meeting of said fun parts.] however, i seek relationships with
black women b/c of the familiarity, the desire to come home to someone
who “gets” what im complaining about, to be with someone how intimately
understands who prejudiced this country can be, etc, etc. these are
things i cant achieve [maybe partially, but not completely] with,
say, a korean girl. so i don’t date korean girls. not b/c
korean girls are particularly horrible. [except for you, gae].

in the end, however, this creeping culture of not being allowed to [non-racistly, of course] state your preferences and what you want to go home to is dangerousoppressive, and ironically strips
away the very freedom of choice that interracial relationships are a
symbol of
. neither inter nor intra-racial
relationships are for everyone. and as for those ppl who are genuinely
racist, i say leave them be. why force them into an interracial
relationship and inflict their unsuspecting partner to a prison term of
racial fetishism and superficial “love“?

does that sound very fair?


Order Thoughts From A Unicorn: 100% Black. 100% Jewish. 0% Safe.

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