Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

its been a lil while, hasnt it?

my rosh hashana [or “roha” as has been coined by ms fish] was a lot better than last years lackluster performance [by me].  its just that 5768 was so dismal and miserable that i just didnt really care. i could just imagine Hashem rolling his eyes and going, “yeah….so im just gonna give you a pass on this one cuz i’m in a really really good mood. but dont bring that ish over here next year.”  when i stumbled out the other side of 5769 i was pretty much in a “so now what?” frame of mind. no real direction or desire or much of anything, really. just…bleh…

this roha however was really productive for me [i think]. 5769 didnt suck as much and id like to think it was b/c of all the rekindled friendships and the newly born ones, and especially the flock of jocs ive gained this year. after all, this year did see me at my first joc brit were i wasnt the one onstage or related to anyone who was. heck i even finished things: a blog, a twitter, a fan page, two screenplays, one of which is registered with wgae and is currently in pre-pre-production [dont laugh, thats an actual term. lol]. in other words, iy”h, im really looking forward to 5770 and getting things done.

and now for some bad news:

ill be ending “urban parsha“.  i know, i know, dont cry. c’mon now honestly 1-its pretty much a one-trick pony and 2-i think its mentally devolving me.  last week i was halfway done with the beracha before i realized i had iced-out the collar on my tallit and was saying kiddush on a 40 of st. ives

but have no fear! even though “urban parsha” will come to an end, ill be replacing it with “real talk parsha“. “real talk” is pretty much the same premise, but in real live english and has a lot more directions to go in and will be more accessible to my not-jews ppl. or “news“, if you will.  also, ill be putting it up on thursdays instead of fridays since the winter is upon us and we’ll barely have time to shower whilst simultaneously lighting candles, let alone logging on to read a blog.

additionally, ill be figuring out how to really use this twitter thing. it seems like im only on it to say when a new blog is up, so ill trying to figure out how to be more…engaging i guess.

anyhoo. that is all. as you were.

gmar chatima tova


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