You Down With O.P.P.? [Obama’s Peace Prize]

after just nine months in office, obama has won the nobel peace prize.

since it happened in the midst of the hectic festival season, i was otherwise occupied and thus gonna just let this media wonderment slip by uncommented upon.  however, it was constantly kept on the forefront of my mind as, like i said, it was in the midst of the festival season, which means i was spending inordinate amounts of time around fellow orthodox jews. orthodox jews, as we know, generally are not fans of obama. even to the point of changing the wording of the “prayer for the govt” when obamas views on israel dont exactly mesh with theirs. [which makes me wonder if they did the same when carter was in office, but thats a race card i dont particularly feel like playing.]

anyhoo, it was snickers galore for the president who “hasnt done anything yet” yet won a nobel peace prize. the comments definitely held a shade of “he only got it b/c he’s black“. now, im not here to weigh what he has or hasnt done or whether he deserves the prize or not. but i would suggest president obama be very careful. in fact were i him, i wouldve respectfully, tactfully declined the peace prize.


ever heard the term “kill them with kindness“? well all the accolades and public fawning and overexposure obama experiences only serves to undermine anything he tries to accomplish. they make it seem that he doesnt really deserve anything he gets–whether he actually does or not–and have the potential to make his messages ineffectual b/c ppl 1-are tired of seeing/hearing him, 2-will figure that it doesnt matter what hes doing or saying b/c he’ll get an award for it anyway, so why bother listening?

dont get me wrong: im an obama supporter–one of the rare breed who can support him yet simultaneously look at his actions objectively w/o blindly agreeing to whatever he deems pleasing and/or believing he’s zeus incarnate reborn in mortal flesh–but i really think he needs to curb his propensity at most times to be [quite transparently] lead by his ego.


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