the other black meat

“[cham] emerged from the ark black-skinned, and all his descendants are also black forever”—the midrash says, 1980

ahh, the good ol’ “hamitic myth”.  very multi-purpose, this one, capable of building bridges between jews and christians even, as not only was it the logic employed by “religious” european christians in the face of slavery as justification for barbaric acts of subjugation, it is also one of the pillars behind the subversive culture of racism and condescension that lurks within the bowels of Judaism

for the uninitiated, the “hamitic myth” or “curse of ham” is as follows:  while in the ark, Gd commands that every being within refrain from marital relations with their spouse.  all comply with this command with the exception of the dog, the raven, and ham.  the dog and raven receive punishments, but ham, according to the most prevalent interpretations, has his skin turned black, and so all his descendants are black-skinned forever.  and so that how negroes were born.  alternatively, when noah and family leave the ark, noah plants a vineyard, gets plastered, and passes out, naked.  ham happens to pass by and see naked passed out noah and commits acts [depending on the interpretation] ranging from doing up his dad, castrating his dad, or doing up his mom.  excellent. anyhoo, when noah wakes up and gets caught up to speed, he curses canaan, ham’s son, to forever be a slave to his brothers.  and that’s why it’s okay to make black ppl slaves.

are you guys all still with me? great.  now pay attention.  this is where things get complicated.

the problem with the hamitic myth, is that none of the sources attributed to it actually state it.  the myth is supported by ambiguous talmudic statements which were translated by later medieval european commentators [most notably rashi] who no doubt looked at these sources through the lens of their society and applied racism where it was not originally intended or implied. and let’s face it: medieval europe wasn’t exactly the most “yay, black people!” place in the world.

to recap, the myth claims that the children of ham are cursed with black skin and are destined to be slaves because of the sin in the ark and the abuse of noah. which is false. ham was cursed in his skin for having relations in the ark, and only canaan was cursed to be a slave to the other brothers. the children of ham weren’t cursed in their skin, and not all the children of ham were cursed to be slaves. now on to the sources.

one of the chief and earliest sources [if not the first] is sanhedrin 108b which states:

שלשה שמשו בתיבה וכולם לקו כלב ועורב וחם כלב נקשר עורב רק חם לקה בעורו

loosely translated, the line reads “three copulated in the ark and they were all punished: the dog, and the raven, and ham.  the dog [will be] tied [i.e., presumably as a pet], the raven spits [apparently this is part of the sex act for ravens], and ham was smitten in his skin.”

note there is no mention of skin color.  hence, this line could mean ham was stricken with any number of ailments in his skin.  my personal opinion on this is that the aforementioned “smiting” was tzaraat/leprosy based on:

1-leprosy seems to be Gd’s modus operandi for “smiting”-type punishment [see pharaoh (gen 12:17/arachin16a), moses (ex 4:6), miriam (num 12:10), gehazi (2 kings 5:27), uzziah (2 chron 26:19), et al]

2-leprosy is one of the punishments for sexual immorality (arachin 16a)

at any rate, based on this verse, there is no substantiation for the assumption that ham was turned black.  which is interesting, b/c the footnote for the quote i posted at the very beginning of this piece lists sanhedrin 108b as its source. wait.  what’s that you say?  well look at that.  apparently, the first hint of color is added to this 6th century source through an 11th century footnote by the famed author of the first comprehensive commentary on the talmud, the medieval french rabbi rashi.  rashi explains “smitten in his skin” to mean: “i.e., from him descended cush (the negro) who is black-skinned.”

hmm.  the plot thins.  also, not sure why cush is suddenly in the ham-canaan equation, but anyway on to bereshit raba 36.

ר הונא בשם ר יוסף אמר: אתה מנעת אותי מלעשות דבר שהוא באפלה לפיכך יהיה אותו האיש כעור ומפחם

ok, so noah says to ham that since ham [going according to the opinion that ham castrated noah] prevented noah from doing what is done in the dark [i.e., the wild thing], ham’s seed is cursed to be, according to popular translations, “dark”.  there’s a problem here though, since the word for dark is אפל not מפחם, and although i’ve seen several translations which render מפחם as “dark” or “dusky”, it actually means neither.  מפחם is actually related to פחם, which means “charcoal”.  meaning the line in bereshit raba should probably translate “your seed will be like charcoal”.  having skin like “charcoal” is very different from being “dark”, “dusky” or even “negro”.

on an additional note,  מפחם as used in the context of the above line does not even necessarily have to mean “dark like charcoal” as it shares the same root with שיתפחמו which means “deface” as in the example given later on in the same source:

אמר המלך גוזר אני שיתפחמו פניו

“the king declared: i decree that his effigy be defaced.”

The interpretation of מפחם relating to “deface” supports my leprosy hypothesis since leprosy can be seen as a form of “defacement” both physically and socially.

however, staying on the translation of “charcoal”, let’s jump forward to 18th century spain where me’am loez quotes the 6th century tanchuma as stating ham received five punishments, three of which are:

1-his eyes became red, 2-his lips became “thick and gross like those of a negro”, 3-the hair of his head and beard became kinky. [by the way, noticed yet how there’s no discernable link from ham’s curse of blackness to canaan’s curse of eternal slavery? or from canaan’s curse of eternal slavery rebounding back to all of ham’s children? or ham’s cursed skin being inherited by all his children? perhaps im just overlooking a source…]. anyhoo, we reach another snafu, since, again, the “source” doesn’t exactly state this:

וחם על שראה בעיניו ערות אביו נעשו עיניו אדומות, ועל שהגיד בפיו נעשו שפתותיו עקומות, ועל שחזר פניו נתחרך שער ראשו וזקנו, ועל שלא כסה הערוה הלך ערום ונמשכה לו ערלתו, לפי שכל מדותיו של הקב”ה מדה כנגד מדה

translation? ham’s eyes became red. his lips became twisted or crooked. his hair became singed. big difference between “thick and gross” and “crooked”, right?  between “kinky” and “singed”? combine this whole picture of a red-eyed man with singed hair, twisted lips and skin like charcoal and we get a figure resembling someone who’s been burned, no? perhaps divine-fire style ala nadav and avihu only not killed because he was necessary in the repopulation of the Earth? at any rate, i think its pretty safe to say some creative embellishment took place over the course of the centuries.

also, rebounding canaan’s curse of slavery to all of ham’s children, rendering מפחם as “dark” or “dusky”, and extending ham’s curse to all of his line offers the following problems:

1-if we go by the interpretation that all of ham’s offspring were cursed with dark-skin forever, thereby leading to the conclusion that all dark-skinned ppl are descended from ham, the problem is that elam, asshur, mesha, ophir and sepher are descended from noah’s son shem [who is also the progenitor of abraham and thus all jewry].  according to aryeh kaplan in “the living torah“, these nations are identified with medea[persia], assyria, mecca, india, and southern arabia, respectively. all of these peoples and places range from “dusky” to “dark-skinned.” so if dark-skinned people exist only because of the curse on ham and canaan, how did these nations end up with dark skin?

2-moses’ hand turns white. as white as snow, in fact. now if he was a fair-skinned person, then this means his skin turned an unnatural shade of white, which means by extension, ham and cannan’s skin turned an unnatural shade of black. or, if he were darker-skinned and thereby so shocked at the change of his hand color that it was compared to snow, then this means he was considerably dark-skinned, which again begs the question how, if all dark people were so colored because of ham’s curse?

3-canaan was cursed. this is why eliezer was sent to find a wife for isaac from abraham’s family instead of from the canaanites they lived among, b/c there can’t be a good union btw the blessed [isaac] and the cursed [a canaanite girl]. if the curse is extended to all of cham’s offspring, this is problematic, considering that moses marries tzippora, who is later identified as a cushite, thus descended from cush, one of ham’s offspring, and therefore cursed.

do ppl still question why jocs need a voice? or need to step it up in terms of observance and participation in judaism? why we need to establish our own? there’s a whole wealth of options and interpretations that arent even being humored, let alone considered, and judaism for the past thousand years or so has for better or for worse been looked at solely through a european lens. lets get the rest of the picture out there too, shall we?


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20 thoughts on “the other black meat

  1. Thank you for this addition. My friend Havah was just asking a question about this very topic. You approached it in a very simple way and I found it to be very helpful. I would really like it if you added more videos to your youtube channel. A friend who is not a Jew but is of color LOL, thought the first one was great.


  2. Very nice and elaborate brother, but one quick point. Some commentaries say that the Cushite woman that Miriam Hanevia and Aharon Hakohen Gadol referred to when they complained was Sarah…but Sarah was one of the daughters of Midian, Yisro the Kenite’s daughter. Some use the argument that the Torah calls her Cushite, because it was the custom to call someone beautiful the opposite of what they were (meaning dark or presumably unattractive) in order to keep away the ayin hara. This of course of did not sit right with me seeing as though the gematria of Cushite = “beautiful in appearance”, NOT ugly. Or they say just as a Cushite is surely dark, she was surely beautiful. That didn’t click so much with me either. But B”H I found something amazing by way of the AriZal! He says that he heard from Rabbi Kalonymous a Midrash stating that that Moshe Rabbeinu went to Ethiopia (assumed by many as Cush) for 49 years after fleeing Egypt. There he married the former king’s wife! Long story short, he eventually left and at age 80 was summoned by G-d to free the Hebrews in Egypt. Now……you recall that what bothered Miriam and Aharon so much was that Eldad & Medad were prophesying in the camp that Moshe would not enter Eretz Yisrael. They were baffled as to why this would be so. It is commonly said that this was because Moshe hit the rock to bring water rather than speaking to it. But this incident did not happen until towards the end of the 40 year period in the desert when Miriam had passed on! So Miriam and Aharon’s conclusion was exactly what the Torah says! For reasons in kedusha, which are explained at length at this link ( they concluded that Moshe’s inability to enter the Land must be because of the Cushite Woman he married in Ethiopia! (As opposed to it being because of Moshe’s extremely high level of kedusha). Of course, Hashem explains that they’re wrong. My point being that according to this esoteric source, the “Cushite Woman” was not Sarah at all. Just FYI. Super work on the article brotha.


    1. yes ive also heard this [and by sarah i assume you mean tzippora. common mistake. lol] and the bull excuse. i guess ill be tackling it more in depth when the parsha finally rolls around.


  3. Great post. There is also Sefer Pirke Rabbi Eliezer which states.

    ברך נח ובניו שנאמר ויברך אתם אלהים במתנותיהם והנחילים את כל הארץ. ברך לשם ולבניו שחורים ונאים והנחילם את כל ארץ נושבת. ברך לחם ובניו שחורים כעורב והנחילם חוף הים. ברך ליפת ובניו כלם לבנים ויפים והנחילם מדבר ושדות.


  4. They never actually taught this stuff to us outright at my MO school.

    I think I remember learning it from a friend who passed it on as if it was a secret that ‘grownups’ wouldn’t tell us.

    But it never really made sense to me.

    Maybe because it never answered how Asians came about…


  5. A friend of mine sent me a link to this drash on Jewcy; I enjoyed reading it, and followed links to your youtube channel and this blog. I was looking forward to the blog having more posts than your Jewcy profile, and it does, but oh my goodness!! The white and red writing! It is incredibly difficult irritating to try to read. Have you considered forgoing the red to make it a bit easier for your readers? Bold would do the trick just as well, i think? I don’t feel that first reading your article on Jewcy, then reading it here with the red, I got any more out of it *with* the red– and it makes it look less professional. I want to read the rest of your entries, but not if I have to copy and paste them into a word document just so I can approach them.


    1. lol, i know, i know, i get that a lot, but its part of the pre-set layout format. im still tinkering with the html to see what i can do.


    2. success!! [and by “success” i mean “someone else figured out the html for me. lol”. ill start converting the blog over a page a day. hope you like.


  6. Cham also represents the person who thinks they will be 18 forever and only pursues physicality. That he will be a servant to his brothers means that he has no value in his own right because he is not pursuing absolute truth as his brother shem or even a subjective truth as his brother yefes is pursuing. His whole justification for his existence is for his brothers.


  7. Very informative. I had always heard that there was supposedly a connection between a curse on Ham and the rationalization for slavery, but never learned enough to find out what it was. Historically, Black people got a bad name in medieval Europe due to the conflict between the Christian and Muslim worlds which brought about the Crusades. Seeing as how we Jews were treated by European Christians during that era, why should Jewish thinking have been allied with that of European Christians?


  8. Come on! NO one could pass that ark test!! At least I don’t think so!


    As usual, agreed 110%! Although I DO like to think of all Muslims being descendant of Ishmael because that would keep us cousins!


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