a history of implicit violence

hey guys. im really glad that so many of you enjoyed my joc-slapping video.  funnily enough thought, some ppl didnt appreciate, the tone, language, or “implicit” threat of violence. now, im not sure if i was unclear in my intro video, or if ppl have just never actually read what i write, so lemme just say it again:whatever  need to do or say for you to change how you look at things, or how you act, or how you treat people, im gonna do. don’t criticize my methods when you should really be asking why i even need to approach the issues this way for you to pay attention. why do i need to shock and threaten you? 

in other news, the night i put up the video, a girl i don’t know, have never spoken to, and have never seen, messaged me on facebook chat at 3:20 in the morning to tell me that not only had she seen the video, but that she also felt guilty now about the times she’d stared at this black girl at work who was wearing a star of david.  isn’t that wild?  that this random, two-minute long video just–BAM!–changed something? just like that? thats CRAZY! sure its one out of millions, but still, thats really freaking crazy.  and kinda the point of why i did the video in the first place, i guess…so to all the naysayers out there: what have you done lately?


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5 thoughts on “a history of implicit violence

  1. I liked your video, but it seemed to me that the object of the joc-slap was inconsistent over the course of the video (Sometimes it seemed like you were slapping others, sometimes it seemed like you meant others were slapping you).
    Either way: well-done.


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