calm before the storm…

hey guys. [sigh] yes, i realize i havent really written anything of substance in a while, but btw work and joc meetings and store updates and blog video filmings and script writing, ive really been stretched thin. but dont worry. next week ill be back and better than ever.

in the meantime, in the spirit of chanukah, let me regale you with the top 8 MaNishtana posts of 2009:

8. jewish is the new [insert non-existent color here]

7. a history of implicit violence

6. we hold these truths to be pretty obvious

5. urban parsha ekev

4. urban parsha vaetchanan

3. guess who’s coming to seder?

2. brought to you by the letter “s”

1. an open so-called letter

aaaaaaaaaand for the shamesh: the other black meat

read em over. enjoy. and ill be back on the ball next week.

chanukah sameach


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