Worth It? Really?

hey there kids.

so this past week, colleague and friend Aliza Hausman was interviewed by the Jewish Press about her choice about conversion, her blog, her experiences and such.
it was a nice quaint interview. i myself read it whilst sipping a cup of
hot cocoa by the fireplace. however, whether she’s on her own blog,
guest starring on someone else’s, or just a quick cameo, it seems our
favorite jewminicana is just an eternal hate-magnet. a couple of lovely
comments included accusations that she “lambast[es] the frum community”,
“[doesnt cover] her hair to make a statement”, “constantly criticizes,
mercilessly at times, our [jewish] community”, “makes us [converts] look
bad”, and that ms hausman is generally a “misguided vengeful

[shakes head]

im sorry, maybe you dont realize it, but a lot of jews? especially frum ones? SUCK.

as ppl.

generally speaking, you dont know how to treat YOUR OWN, let alone jews of COLOR, let alone CONVERTS, let alone CONVERTS of COLOR. clearly ur iffy on the dynamics of “cause and effect” so let me just inform you
that that tends to make for rightfully angry ppl, whether ffb, baal
teshuva, or convert. what else do you think is one of the reasons for
judaism losing adherents more than any other religion yearly?

and as for “misguided and vengeful” im sorry that ur so offended that there is someone out there who doesnt allow you to hide behind the puss-covered blanket of “lashon hara” that allows the bedsores of sexual
abuse, housing scams, organ harvesting, herpes spreading mohels,and
sexually propositioning conversion rabbis to fester. maybe if there were
more ppl “constantly” “mercilessly” “criticizing” and “lambasting” the
frum community, it wouldnt be in the shambling hypocritical state its

to aliza’s fellow convert [also dominican, as i recall] who lamented that aliza made all converts “look bad”: congrats. you really ARE part of the jewish ppl. here’s your ticket. just wait right there and an
usher will guide you to your seat in the “you should have left us in
egypt” section of the theater. stones are complimentary. also, yes,
aliza is making a statement by not covering her hair. in short, it goes
something like “i have fibromyalgia you fucking moron and if you’d
BLINKED in the direction of my blog just ONCE you’d have noticed the
NUMEROUS times i’ve mentioned the pain im constantly in, how
excrutiating it is to cover my head, and ALSO that i have a HETER from
my rabbi.”

also, my personal favorite, someone pulled out that famous go-to chesnut from yevamot 47b: “proselytes are as hard for israel [to endure] as scabs”. wow, you guys LOVE that one, dont you? so its time for a lil
bio lesson here, since you seem to be a lil bit fuzzy on the purpose of
a scab:


scab pronunciation (skāb)

  1. A crust discharged from and covering a healing wound.

see where im going with this? scabs are there b/c you’re wounded and they’re there to heal you, idiot. their purpose is to fix you. inconvenient? yes. but its not THEIR fault that you’re wounded. that ur
careless. that you dont know how to take care of ur body. [ill trust
everyone to be savvy enough to make the correlation/metaphor about the
state of the jewish “body” and “soul” and converts being “scabs”. after
all, we’re still in exile, right? so clearly things aren’t all peachy
with the jewish ‘body”].

at any rate, i hope all you “scab” types arent the same ppl wishing “next year in yerushalayim” at the seder. b/c according to you guys, “scabs” like, say, ruth, wouldnt be welcome. though i hear she has some
bigshot offspring or something–this “mashiach” guy ppl keep going on
about. of course i guess if it were up to you he’d never get to exist.





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