DWB (Dunking While Black)

Hi, I’m MaNishtana. And apparently there’s a new reason for me to hate the mikvah.

As reported here, in Israel, a 13-year old Ethiopian boy, upon trying to use a mikvah in Bnei Brak, was denied entry on grounds of being a “stinking nigger” by a mikvah employee and then punched in the face by said [grown man] employee when he refused to leave. This selfsame employee then proceeded to chase the boy home, attack his 15 year old brother with a brick, and punch the boy’s aunt in the head and kick her.

If your knee-jerk reaction right now is to tell me that this is an “isolated incident” that “isn’t the norm”, to “focus on the positive” and that it’s “not everybody”, then do me a favor, and get. The fuck. Off. My blog. Right. Now.

Not an isolated incident? To quote a friend/colleagues Facebook status: “Let’s do a ‘treatment of Black Jews’ redux”:

1. Racist birth control program

2. Woodcox family attacked in Israel (beat up pregnant woman)

3. Failed Messiah Chronology of Increased Attacks on Ethiopian Jews in Israel

4. Racially Segregated Schools

5. IDF Soldier Discrimination

6. Rabbi who runs over Ethiopian woman initially acquitted

7. Apparently, they aren’t Jewish enough

8. Nightclub discrimination

And if you think this is just an Israeli mindset, here are some American pearls of wisdom:

I mean, sure, you can substitute vodka or scotch for beer and asking tzedaka for asking for welfare, but hey, at least they aren’t shiftless like those Blacks are. Every Black in the world, apparently. Since he does say that “this is the difference between Blacks and Jews”. As in ALL of them.

This, kids, is what we call systematic. Which means it’s a system. The same kind of system that makes it “okay” to throw the word “schvartze” around in yeshivas and during farbrengens. The same kind of system which allows for children to throw rocks at darker Jews–whether “actually” Black or not. The same kind of system which cultivates the mindset that darker people can’t be Jews,and if they are, they’ve converted. The same kind of system which espouses the responses that it does from me in several of my blogs.

And what do I–and any other JOC (ESPECIALLY a convert JOC) who dares to voice their indignation–get back in return most times?

“Why are you lambasting the Jewish community?”
“Why did you join if all you do is complain about it?”
“Why are you spreading lashon hara?”
“Maybe there’s another reason for the incident?”
“This is an isolated incident”
“Not everyone is like this”
“Why are you so angry?”
“Have you never had ANY positive experiences?”

Now don’t get me wrong: ARE there people–Jewish people–who are perfectly good human beings? Who understand that Judaism isn’t about color? Yes. Yes there are. Are there instances where Jews of Color aren’t hounded? Where they have positive Jewish experiences? Yes. Yes there are. Are all European Ashkenazi Jews demons incarnate in human flesh? No. No they are not.

But that’s not the fucking point. So don’t tell me to focus on it. Don’t tell me I’m being negative. Don’t tell me to focus on the positive. Don’t tell me it’s not everyone.

Because guess what? Not everyone owned slaves. But slavery was still an institution. Not everyone was in the Klan. But the Klan was still largely unchecked. Not everyone thought Black people were subhuman. But Jim Crow laws still existed. Not everyone in the world openly discriminated against Black people. But apartheid still existed in South Africa until 1996.

It baffles me why, when the same critical lens which every other ethnicity/culture/state/religion is scrutinized beneath, is focused on Jews, the reaction is “Oh, this is borderline anti-Semitism!”, “This is lashon hara!”, “This is the evil media!”


This is called THE TRUTH.

If you do not like THE TRUTH that is being spoken, then you should take actions to change it into a different truth. A truth you would be unashamed to hear spoken. And that starts with the aggressors changing their ways, not with the victims beings silent about their ordeals or happily remembering that time five minutes before you kicked them in the face when they weren’t getting kicked in the face. And that goes for those who “aren’t like that”, as well.

Y’know the type. The kind that doesn’t TELL the nigger jokes, and may or may not laugh, but doesn’t SAY anything to the person who IS. I’m talking to you guys too.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: If it takes me embarrassing you to the entire world to get you to change yourself, then you might as well grab your ankles now. Because clearly I have a lot of embarrassing to do.

And if you think I’m out of line, find me one prophet–just one–who, when people were being mistreated by their fellow, sat around patting people on the back because it “wasn’t everyone” and that you should just “focus on the positive”. Go ahead.

I’ll wait.




Order Thoughts From A Unicorn: 100% Black. 100% Jewish. 0% Safe.

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