Black to the Future!

Hey guys, I’m MaNishtana.

On June 24th, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles released a video entitled What will the Jewish future look like”, a very cutesy/endearing video which–except for maybe one partially-Asian child–was consisted of 10-12 solely White Jewish children.

That’s right.

Apparently there’s no racial diversity in the Judaism Of The Future.

So here’s where I–and you–come in.

I’m coordinating a response video addressing what the future of Judaism REALLY looks like, and I need your help.

I know some of you are parents or relatives to a lil JOC, (preferably in the 14 and under age group, but we can make some exceptions I guess).  If you’re interested in undertaking this endeavor, then follow as below:

1-Videotape your lil JOC answering the following questions (and please try to make the audio as clear as possible):

a-What does being Jewish mean to you?

b-What do you like about Judaism/being Jewish?

c-What do you want the future of Judaism/being Jewish to be?

d-Do you want to marry someone Jewish?

2-Videotape your lil JOC interacting with something “Jewish” (ie, Torah scroll, praying, shofar, challah, matzah, candles, kiddish cup, whatever).

3-Send me the video at

We’re working in a very tight timeframe here for this video response to still be relevant since this video is already almost a month old, so I’d like this new vid to be up by next week. (We don’t wanna be like “Remember that video you guys put out six months ago? No? Oh. Well we responded to it anyway.)  As such, the ideal deadline is Sunday to get your vids in, with the leeway of up to Thursday night.

Thank you and get filming!


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