How Jewish American Heritage Month Can ACTUALLY Honor US Jewry

Hi, I’m MaNishtana. And it’s May. You know what that means.

No, not those tired “May the Fourth Be With You” Star Wars Day memes (or their slightly cooler Cinco de Mayo cousin “Revenge of the Fifth”). I’m talking about Jewish American Heritage Month.

Every May Jews across the United States honor Jewish American Heritage Month, an annual commemoration begun by President George W. Bush in 2006.

Each year, the month is honored with lectures, educational programs and parties across the US, recognizing the contributions US Jews have made to the national landscape over the course of more than two centuries. However, despite the proliferation of public figures such as Shyne, Sophie Okenedo, Lisa Bonet, Craig David, Zoe Kravitz, Maya Rudolph and the like, it still sadly seems like Jewish American Heritage Month is afraid of the dark.

Which is unacceptable for a celebration created in the 21st century.

Jewish American Heritage Month is not a black-and-white (or Black and White) issue. It comes in all shades, colors and ethnicities. So let’s try advocating awareness about actual Jewish American history this month.

jewish history month



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