Hey guys, I’m MaNishtana, and today’s Rosh Chodesh Shvat.

You know what that means.

That means that Nisan is only two months away.

And THAT means that Pesach is only nine weeks away.

Which means that we’re only nine weeks away from…



Yep, I suppose it was only a matter of time before a guy named “MaNishtana” came out with a Hagadah, right?

Welcome to my newest magnum opus. An illustrated, transliterated, translated tome with some classic commentary (by some old Rabbi dudes), some original commentary (from moi), and a collection of Seder traditions from all over the world. (Did you know that the Jews of Gibraltar ACTUALLY put ground up brick dust into their charoset?)

It’ll be classy, and not at all like my usual style you may be used to (unless you read those couple chapters in Thoughts From A Unicorn). And–intentionally crafted to be open and accessible to all levels of observance and knowledge–this may not be the Hagadah you need, but it’s the Hagadah you deserve.

Available, IY”H, the week of March 15th. Check out a couple other pages below.

Keep you posted ;-).


8 thoughts on “Countdown…

  1. Wow…the preview of your Haggadah looks absolutely amazing…I also put my own Haggadah together, but I have to say yuours looks fantastic! Can you send me info on how to get one? Thanks.


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