The New York Times

“Being Black Jews Without Dividing Loyalties”, August 2010

Loop 21

“Not All African Americans Need Christianity For Spiritual Fulfillment”, March 2011

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The Jerusalem Report

“Jewish Like Me”, April 2011

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Moment Magazine

“Schvartzer: It’s Not Black and White”, May 2011

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Kehila Magazine

“Thoughts From A Unicorn: An Interview with MaNishtana”, September 2012

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New York Magazine

“The Black Orthodox”, December 2012

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D la Repubblica

“Ortodossi Neri”, May 2013

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Person, Place, Thing

Randy Cohen with Shais Rishon, (Radio Interview) May 2013

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“100 Prozent Schwarz und Jude–MaNishtana”, February 2014

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The Jewish Week

“Proud to be Jewish and Black: MaNishtana”, (36 Under 36, 2014), June 2014

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Unleash The Fanboy

“Exclusive Interview With Social Activist/Geek MaNishtana”, October 2014

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Shtetl On The Shortwave

“Justin Trudeau, Ferguson & Veggie Oil Road Trips” (Radio Interview), December 2014

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The Marc Steiner Show

“Black and Jewish: What It Means To Be Both” (Radio Interview, ft. Y-Love & Michael Twitty), April 2015

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