MaNishtana is available to speak on more topics than those specifically presented here. Contact him to tailor or craft a presentation for your specific needs.

The Elephant In The Sukkah: How To Address and De-Escalate Racial/Cultural Tension in Diverse Jewish Spaces

15-20 minute lecture, 15 minutes of breakout groups, 20 minutes of discussion, 10 minutes Q&A.

This presentation presents some strategies essential to resolving conflicts in relationships or Jewish spaces between Jews of Color and white-presenting Jews. Learn how to key into the underlying emotions behind complaints or demands without shutting down or being overly defensive.

With 12 clearly explained concepts, this talk and workshop shows how to facilitate constructive dialogue and find long lasting solutions to creating a welcoming and habitable Judaism for us all.

“Giving” But Not Connecting

“Tikkun olam” is an integral Jewish value and a serious undertaking for progressive Jewish institutions and organizations, however many of the current methods of implementing inclusion, diversity, and social justice are flawed and often exacerbates the problem. Geared towards organizations committed to effectively execute the goals they embody, this presentation explores what the common approaches get right, what they get wrong, and how to move forward in this very important work.

“Just” Jewish

In this talk, secular and religious sources along with anecdotal personal experiences are used to discuss racism in the Jewish community, how culture influences self-perception, the impact of cultural perceptions on others and how the Jewish community perpetuates racism both knowingly and “innocuously”, as well as how to move forward. Audience participation is encouraged throughout with a Q&A session to close.

Thoughts From A Unicorn

One part lecture, one part Q&A, in this session MaNishtana opens a door into the world of an Orthodox African American Jew. Humorous anecdotes, identification of microaggressions, wry observations, frustrated rants, it’s all here.

What is a Black Jew?

In this presentation, MaNishtana tells the story of the “emergence” of Black American Jews in contrast with their White American compatriots, as well as a dissection of the sect they are most often misidentified with: the various forms of Hebrew-Israelites.