Never Again

Hi, I’m MaNishtana, and not a week ago a grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson on any charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Tonight, a grand jury has decided the same for Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the choking death of Eric Garner.

And I have someting to say about that.

Obey the law, you say. And you kill us when we do. Obey the police, you say. And you kill is when we do. Record police encounters, you say. And you kill us when we do. We even stay inside our homes, and you come in and kill us when we do.

Do you really think Black America is going to just sit around while you figure out the next place you can kill us? If you do, then you’re dead wrong.

This isn’t 1930’s Nazi Germany, and we aren’t the German Jews.

We aren’t going to sit silently hoping things will get better and thinking they can’t get any worse, slowly descending into your solution of The Black Question all the way into whatever ovens you’re planning on building.

Because we’ve been here already, America, and you can’t fool us.

We’ve been here for 400 years and watched you LEGALLY enslave us, and LEGALLY segregate us, and LEGALLY give us substandard conditions, and LEGALLY kill us. And. You. Haven’t. Stopped.

So don’t tell us about what “LEGALITIES” we should’ve abided by to not end up dead. Because when you’re the right skin color, you can murder theaters full of movie-watchers, murder schools full of children, riot because your sports team won, riots because your sports team lost, riot over some damn PUMPKINS, and still make it all the way to trial with nary a scratch.

You don’t like Black riots? You don’t like Black protests? They’re inconvenient for you? They really mess up your day plans?

WE don’t like burying grooms the day before their wedding. WE don’t like burying teens before they can reach college. WE don’t like burying teens before they can reach HIGH SCHOOL. WE don’t like burying people for walking down their OWN hallways. WE don’t like burying people for eating their favorite candy bar.

You’re on a ticking clock, Racist America. You’re on a ticking clock, Apologist America. You’re on a ticking clock, Willfully Racially Insensitive America.

Because even MLK, who you like to pull out of your ass in times like these, said that he could “neither condone nor condemn riots” and that it was “the language of the unheard”.

And most of Black America? They don’t have fancy blogs or fancy fan pages on Facebook to write fancy statuses. They don’t write fancy books that wax poetic on the racial state of America. And most of them–who are already disenfranchised from the majority of America–have just been told TWICE in the space of a month that they have nothing to lose.

So good luck with that.

There will be no silent shipping off in trains or deportations into concentration camps in the night. You will have a fight every single step of the way.

And you would’ve asked for it.